• Amber B

Essential Oils For Hair

Quality Essential Oils offer the greatest beneifits when they are in their natural, pure state. Oils that are cut with synthetic chemicals, diluted, or extracted using chemical solvents have been altered from their natural state and lack beneficial components that pure essential oils provide.

  • Oily Hair :Peppermint cypress lemon- Mix in small bottle,massage small amount to scalp after wasing hair.

  • Dry Hair :Lavender cedarwood rosemary tea tree-Dilute in 1 tsp olive or cocconut oil and massage into scalp

  • Hair Growth :Pepperment cedarwood lavender thyme rosemary tea tree-s Mix in small bottle fto finger tips and massage into scalp after washing.

  • Hair Loss :Sage frankincense rosemary lavender- Mix in small bottle apply to finger tips and massage into scalp after washing.

Instant Relaxation

Prevent stress-induced hair loss and promote hair growth.

You immediately boost your energy levels

Take a moment to close your eyes, and rub that scalp! Set a timer for thirty seconds, And melt stress away

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