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Being a holistic practicioner I strive to make each and everyone feel and look healthy. 

Our mission here at Healty Rootz is to assist our clients in regaining their health and maintaining it throughout their lives. One of our primary methods of doing this is by studying and treating the body with various ways of detoxification and educating clients. ​Simple wellenss through Food, Herbs and Oils, We offer a varity of coaching, classes and treatments. 


 I also understand how confusing it can be to know what to eat and how to take care of yourself, in order to feel your best! What works for one person, may not work for another. It took me a long time to stop comparing myself to others, and to start living my own best life.

I provide one-on-one coaching to individual clients based anywhere in the United States. I also offer   wellness events. 

124 E State St Eagle Id 83629

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